Become a Fullstack Network Engineer

Master the most in-demand networking, cybersecurity, and cloud skills. Become job ready and certified within 6-12 months. No previous experience or degree required. Your career in I.T. starts here.
Skill Level
6 Months

How the program works

Gain Real World Skills
Discover and map out your career path with dedicated mentorship, lay down a rock solid network foundation, and plan, design, and configure a full stack enterprise network project from ground up!
Obtain Industry Certifications
Unlock access to our Network+ course to help you get certified within weeks! In addition, you will also have access to our Practice Labs area so you can practice via real equipment to pursue additional certs such as CCNA/CCNP, Security+, CISSP, and so much more!
Land Your Dream IT Job
Take the 7 week course to transform your life. Learn the tactics, strategies, and tips to help you with your job search and beyond! This a proven step by step blueprint our students and mentors have used to get HUGE promotions to obtain financial freedom.

Obtain real world training

Completely self-paced to meet your schedule.
A comprehensive workbook that includes all the supplemental material, homework, labs and program guides.
Bi-weekly group coaching calls
Our mentors will sync up with you on a bi-weekly basis to make sure you don’t get stuck.
100% Exclusive
All the content was created specifically for Zero to Engineer students.
Mentor-led to keep you accountable
This program includes 3 mentor sessions that can be used anytime you need help.
Mastery learning to ensure you gain in-demand skills
Follow a structured curriculum with built-in assessments and real-world portfolio projects.
Getting Started

In this module you will gain industry insights into becoming a Network or Systems Engineer! By the end of this module you will understand what it takes to be an Engineer and the options available for your career path. In addition, we'll provide you with worksheets and tools to help build out your career blueprint and get you on the right path.

IT Architectures & Trends

In the following module, you will learn all about today's IT architectures and trends. We will cover the product portfolio of Cisco and other industry leaders, trends that are shaping the future for our industry, and some use cases around these core architectures and trends.

IT & Network Essentials

In this module we dive into the most fundamental and foundational concepts related to IT and networking. You'll learn what computer networks are all about and by the end of this module you will have an understanding of all the important protocols, standards, and technologies that give you a strong IT foundation.

How to Build Your Own Labs

Get ready for labs! in this module we introduce you to the world of personal labs and and give you insights into the best methods to get up and running with your own lab. In addtion, this module contains some introductory labs that will help to prepare you for the Full Stack Networking Project.

Real World Engineer Skills

This module is all about giving you insights directly from the field. You'll learn about the top SE skills to master, important engineer tools, and how to think like an engineer.

Full Stack Networking Project

The Full Stack Networking Project is designed to provide an understanding of a complete HQ/Branch network and the project build-out process. Students will learn how to plan, design, and implement their own Full Stack Network with a headquarters location and two branch offices. This project is performed locally on the student's computer and all configurations are completed using the Cisco Packet Tracer network simulation software. Cisco Packet Tracer is available for free from the Cisco Networking Academy.


Get Certified

Access to the most awesome Network+ training course in the market that will teach you all you need to know to pass the Net+ exam with flying colors.

But that's not all
After you finish the Zero to Engineer blueprint course, you will be eligible to attend a 5-day in-person boot camp where you will work 100% of the time setting up, configuring and securing real world equipment.
At the end of the bootcamp, you’ll get a free shot at the Full Stack Network Associate certification exam, which is the ONLY entry/associate level certification in the market that requires 0 written testing --all hands-on work!
We also provide access to over 1000+ labs on real equipment to prepare you for some of the most recognized certifications in the industry. You'll gain access to real hands-on training for all of the amazing certification tracks listed below!

Land Your Dream IT Job

We’ve created the Land Your Dream IT Job course so that you understand the big picture of the industry, how to plan for your career and how to get promoted on command.

Get advice from our mentors to get that job faster

“We’ve been fortunate to have worked for some of the best technology companies in the industry and hold numerous certifications across the stack.”
Terry Kim & Jacob Hess

Zero to Engineer Alumni

Andrew Pratt
Oscar Valenzuela
Marcus McCauley
Jermaine Langston
“Zero to Engineer allowed me to go from the help desk to becoming a network engineer. Now, I even get to work from home half the week!”
- Chase Mitchell, Network Engineer at Tangoe
“This program helped me understand the IT industry and my career options. Soon after going through it I was able to double my salary!”
- Andrew Pratt, Network Engineer at NASA
100% Money Back Guarantee
Comes with no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee!
Life time support
We’ll provide support for as long your subscription is active.
Comes with no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee!
Total Tuition Program Cost:
An eager mind
CPU (Processor) - Any modern processor; minimum Intel Pentium 4 2.53 GHz
HDD (Storage) - At least 1GB of free disk space recommended
OS (Operating System) - Any modern Operating System.
RAM (Memory) - 512MB minimum, 1GB or more recommended
A computer with an internet connection and PDF viewer
Cisco Packet Tracer - available for free from Cisco Systems. Windows and Linux are supported natively. To run Packet Tracer on Apple Mac OS X a small virtual machine is required to be set up.
A modern web browser (Google Chrome preferred)
IT and Network Architectures
Network Devices and Components
Network Engineering Tools
Network Topologies and Types
Full Stack Networking
Network Management
Bits, Bytes, Ethernet and Media Access Control
Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switching
Spanning-Tree Protocol
Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)
Internet Protocol
Static Routing
Routing Protocols (EIGRP, OSPF, BGP)
IP Addressing, Subnetting and Access Lists
Network Address Translation (NAT)
Networking protocols such as ARP, ICMP, DHCP, FTP, Telnet and SSH
Understanding TCP and UDP
Network Cables and Connectors
Cable Making
Wireless LANs
Voice over IP
Cisco IOS
Cisco Packet Tracer
Physical route/switch lab
Full Stack Networking Project